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Life With Kayode Fahm – Episode 3 – Living the Dream

About Life With Kayode Fahm



Life with Kayode Fahm is a 13 episode motivational series showcasing Kayode Fahm’s travels throughout Africa as a motivational speaker, classical guitarist and martial artist seeking to inspire progressive change. Each episode explores a key life theme in an attempt to lift, educate as well as motivate viewers.

The series features inspirational international professionals as well as Nollywood celebrities and was shot in Lagos, Cross Rivers, Nairobi, Dakar, Goree Island, Sali, Saloume, Dubai and Los Angeles.

The series targets the youth, young adults and adults young at heart as it’s key audience. The series is proudly supported by First Bank of Nigeria.

Episode Three – Living the dream

This episode discusses some of the key qualities, such as passion and risk, required to get into the dream zone. It also follows Kayode Fahm to Los Angeles, USA as he takes acting classes with two renowned Hollywood coaches and later choreographs some exciting action fight sequences all to support his dream of one day producing a successful action movie.

The episode also features the perspective and views of a Nigerian celebrity TV Host and a Kenyan Film Entrepreneur on what it means to live their dreams.

The episode aims to highlight that although life is short and we only live once; if we embrace our fears, leave our comfort zones and trust our intuition we can indeed live our dreams.


Action Choreography session with Bobby Rak


Kayode taking acting classes with acting coach Peter Wise

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