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Life with Kayode Fahm – Episode 2

About Life With Kayode Fahm

Life with Kayode Fahm is a 13 episode motivational series showcasing Kayode Fahm’s travels throughout Africa as a motivational speaker, classical guitarist and martial artist seeking to inspire progressive change. Each episode explores a key life theme in an attempt to lift, educate as well as motivate viewers.

The series features inspirational international professionals as well as Nollywood celebrities and was shot in Lagos, Cross Rivers, Nairobi, Dakar, Goree Island, Sali, Saloume, Dubai and Los Angeles.

The series targets the youth, young adults and adults young at heart as it’s key audience. The series is proudly supported by First Bank of Nigeria.



Episode Two – Finding Fulfillment

This episode examines the life concept of finding fulfillment and visits the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa’s largest, to meet a very inspiring film maker who changed and transformed the lives of many families in the slums through film and also travels to the neighboring Korogocho slums to talk to young people whose lives of adversity, boredom and crime were given greater meaning and purpose through the study of classical music.

The episode aims to show that no matter one’s situation, location or status in life, happiness and fulfillment can be attained.

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Part 2

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