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Lagos Vigilante Group Clampdown, Tortured To Stupor Alleged Gay Couples

It was a mini-drama yesterday when two young men, Nnaemeka Ugochukwu Samuel and Obaruvbe Simeon Joseph were dragged naked before the Okota area market square in Lagos for their alleged involvement in gay practice.

The Okota Community Youth Leader, Balogun Olamikun who told our correspondent that the group was alerted of the infamous and ungodly act of the duo by a lady who claimed to be the wife of Nnaemeka Ugochukwu (one of the suspects) said the Vigilante stormed the hotel they were lodged and behold, they were caught in the act.

It was gathered that the two suspects were traced to a local hotel in the Okota axis of Lagos by members of the Community Local vigilante group who in deed caught them red-handed and angrily unleashed physical pain on the alleged gay suspects.

While scooping for news, the Crusaders uncovered that cases of homosexualism have become so prevalent in Lagos and its environs and the majority of the indigenes frown at it for being anti-social and against the beliefs and customs of the people.

It is against the common norm in the community for people to engage in gay practice which is also not accepted in any Nigerian society.

According to Balogun Olamikun, the unnatural practice is against their natural belief and must not be practiced anywhere around their community.

The alleged gay persons Nnaemeka Ugochukwu Samuel and his partner Obaruvbe Simeon Joseph who were physically assaulted admitted being gay and attested to the fact that they have been into it for close to a decade.

Our correspondent further gathered that the condemnation of gay practice in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria has nothing to do with ethnicity or tribe as most religious faiths in Nigeria consider it  “sinful” and “abnormal”.

An eye witness who pleaded anonymity said he knows Nnaemeka Ugochukwu Samuel as a notorious homosexual guy in the area and that most people in the neighborhood avoid having anything to do with him for fear of not being tagged as a member. He stated further that it was only recently he started seeing the second boy in the area.

While the Okota Community Elders had already called on the police to come and rescue the duo of Nnaemeka Ugochukwu Samuel and Obaruvbe Simeon Joseph from the hands of the Vigilantes who were bent on serving them jungle justice that could lead to their death, some Area boys carrying all manner of weapons tried to attack the victims which eventually lead to chaos. It was alleged that amid the chaos, the two victims managed to escape.

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