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The DARAMOLAS on the journey called love


It’s the month of love and for our Valentine Special this year, we have the Daramolas;

Captain Olakunle Daramola is a United States veteran, he attended Wentworth Academy and also studied Political Science at the University of Lester and later studied Global Security and Terrorism for his Masters program.
He’s also the CEO of Obses Security.

On the other hand, studied Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Lagos and aside managing and styling her superstars twin models popularly known as the “Unidentical Duo”, Adetutu is also the CEO of Livdlia, a styling brand.

In this interview with us, the beautiful couple share their journey of love, how Parenthood shaped their lives, how they met, how it feels to be married with four kids and how they overcome their rocky moments amongst others.

Have a good read!

How does it feel to be married with 4 kids?


We feel blessed, we both wanted a big family, it’s could be overwhelming sometimes but we are ready to embrace, enjoy and love all it comes with by God’s grace. It’s quite an experience we thank God.

How has parenthood shaped your lives and are you guys going to try again for another baby?


Parenthood comes with a huge sense of responsibility; kids see and emulate what you you have to be in your best behaviour when with them. Secondly, it has taught us how to prioritise and plan better to choose what’s important to us. And by God’s grace we are greatful for the 4 amazing kids we the answer is no we are not trying again except God says otherwise…lol.

Do you guys believe in valentine and how was your first valentine together?


Yes, we do believe in valentine but for us we try to be affectionate with each other as often as we can. Our first valentine, hmm. that was 11years ago the love was still very fresh..I think we travelled out and spent it on the beach. I still run into the pictures in my achieves. Smiles…

Tell us about your journey together since you guys meet and how you guys meet.


We meet in Abuja through my neighbour at the time Rassak who happens to be Shawn’s(my son)God father. We went out that night and the next morning I went to my neighbours place to get something and saw him there and was smitten. We got talking and he asked for my phone number I got his phone and also dialed my number in my mind I said if you don’t call me I will call you.
Like every other couple we have had our highs and lows but as we grow older it gets better, easier we have become a team I guess all the experience has shaped us to know what we truly want and we want us.

Mention two things you and your partner appear to have in common.


We have quite a few things in common.
First off, we are a family oriented couple.
Secondly, we love clean spaces.

What are your plans for this years valentine?


Our plans for val this year is just to spend time with each other and to talk about our goals for life, spending time together refreshes our love without the kids exactly what we did today and offcourse we both gifted each other because we both love gifts.

Do you also think flowers and chocolates are the best valentine gifts or is all about what one can afford?


I think exchange of gifts for valentine is relative. I am a believer of gifting what you can afford. Making your partner happy is key. This could come in all forms..from presents, to throwing it down in the kitchen, to quality times with yourselves, to flowers, ..and the list goes on. Do what you can happily afford.

Describe each other in few words?


Adetutu : In one word Kunle is a very private person, very reserved, a great father an amazing husband. I honestly can’t describe him in one word. Chuckles…..

Kunle : Adetutu is bubbly, a bit crazy, a planner and so into her family.


If you two had the opportunity to pick anywhere in the world for an all expense paid trip for just the two of you where would that be and why?


Adetutu : A place I would love to go hmm, I can’t pick one ohhh, it has to be two, urmm, the first one would be lake como,the south of Italy, I’m quarter Italian and I love great scenery, I love nature, landscape and I love bora bora too – the view is quite amazing.

When last did you sing for each other?


Hmmm, singing for each other? To be honest we do more of praise and worship every night before we go to bed. If you consider that… lol, we also sing together when we hear some songs we like from our playlist either at home or when we are out.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your lives so far?


The greatest accomplishment of our lives are few; family is number one, then secondly, overcoming all the obstacles that were meant to break us.

What do you value most in friendship?


Adetutu … I value respect, love, great communication and understanding every other thing I believe follows.

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