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Indimi Sisters at loggerheads as one weds the other’s ex

Two daughters of billionaire business man Mohammed Indimi are reportedly at war because one of his daughters is about the marry the ex of another of the daughters.


The wedding of Hauwa Indimi to Mohammed Yar’Adua, who is the son of late NNPC Managing Director Abubakar Yar’Adua, was recently announced (read here). But, according to reports, Mohammed once dated Hauwa’s sister Fatima Indimi. Not only that, after he broke up with Fatima, he also reportedly dated their sister-in-law Zahra Buhari, who is now married to Ahmed Indimi (Hauwa and Zahra’s brother).


Hauwa’s enagagement to Mohammed has reportedly been met with mixed reactions from her sisters. Most of them have not celebrated the engagement on social media as they are known to do whenever any member of their family is getting married. Asides Adama Indimi (Presido), most of the Indimi sisters have been silent about the upcoming wedding.


The sisters have also taken to Instagram to throw shots at each other, according to ThisDay.


Rahma, who is the ex-wife of Mohammed Babangida, was the first to express her displeasure at the upcoming wedding.

She reportdely posted to Instagram:

“This is f—k, he’s an ex for a reason and now you will go and bring the f—k back to my life. Nahhhh. I won’t support it. There’s a code for this. Friends and family ex’s should be off the table.”

Rahma’s sister Zahra Yakaka, who owns Tulip Bistro also wrote:

“If my sister is marrying my ex, she was never my sister in the first place.”

Indimi sisters reportedly at war as one weds the other

A fan page with the username hauwaindimis_lovers responded to the Instagram posts and advised Rahma to respect her age, show love and be happy for her kid sister Hauwa.

Indimi sisters reportedly at war as one weds the other

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