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Otedola Explosion: How We Can Avert the Tragedies Plaguing Nigeria in No Time

It’s appalling that we’re plagued by avertible mishappenings these past week only if we can do our part as patriotic citizens and not spend the most time apportioning blames on the government. It’s quite stale that we endlessly yap about a government we clearly know consists of people of prehistoric intellect and pursuit of self. I’m honestly not surprised that it’s almost a week since the Otedola inferno and we’re yet to hear a thing about the company whose tanker exploded which automatically means no statement or commiseration has been issued to the victims and families of the deceased, not like it’d change a thing but at least courtesy. Femi Otedola’s Forte oil was initially linked to the menace but they’ve since refuted the claim by issuing a statement distancing themselves from the mess. Moving on, prior to that unfortunate occurrence, an audio made the rounds of a seemingly clairvoyant pastor citing certain dates as doomsday as he beseeched probably all Nigerians to desist from travelling in/out of Lagos on these said dates which June 28 happened to be included.
I’m not one to conclude the situation of things solely by my whims and caprice, I’d like to think that life isn’t in black and white as there are grey shades and others. I’ll pen my sentiment from both ends of the spectrum so let’s dig in.
Courtesy of the society we’re becoming, a variant of social media savvy users are termed Woke and these bunch do well in addressing issues using unorthodox approaches and I’d like to refer of this set as thinkers. This set have castigated those who heeded the words of the pastor opining that they are gullible and part of Nigeria’s problem. I’d like to step in the defense of a certain set; the set who aren’t social media savvy, the ones who are still confined with the basic thought process who the system have failed and have nothing other than spiritual speculations to hold unto.
It’s disheartening that we’re in a country where the human life can be equalled to a cow’s; a cow allegedly misses and the next we hear is genocide as a retaliatory to avenge the theft of the cow. Not once, twice or thrice, thousands squashed in a flash and life continues. In usual fashion, the government take to their Twitter pages extend plastic condolences. The shallowness, nonchalance and apathy of the said condolence is almost deafening as they issue almost same condolence message in every tragedy; same text, just edit the location of tragedy and they’re good.
So in the wake of government’s shortcomings, there’s dire need to lean on something just to feel guarded, anything at all to clad our fears.
So if we’re being shrewd, I kind of understand these bunch, it’s impossible that they don’t exist in a religious country like Nigeria.
Every administration put so much energy and attention into making roads but how about making these roads safe for commuters to ply on with little/no fear. It’s no news the Nigerian fear of driving near trailers/tankers but what do they care?.  Just as expected, Femi Adesina and PDP thought it as wise enough to incorporate people’s misfortune for political antics. Either them or their relatives were involved so why should they be sensitive towards the issue even at the brim of it. We adopted this habit of alluding mishappenings to ‘the will of God’ or ‘devil’s handiwork’ that we don’t identify ways in which we contribute our quota to the retrogression of Nigeria. We don’t seek personal measures to contribute in making a sane society. We just chorus in total resignation “It’s well” and abandon our civic responsibilities to God.
For things to take a better turn, we’d need to strip ourselves off some beliefs and convictions in core issues, re-examine our values and orientation and stop spiritualizing everything and anything.
The government on the other hand rather bribe the press to under-report the number of casualties just to curry political favours.
Nigeria should probably stop celebrating independence and start celebrating meeting their vision 2020/2025 goals, economic stability, population stability, regulation and resource management.
We’re a society where some people feel unbothered because they feel they live maybe exclusive locations in states like Lagos and Abuja but it’s just a thing of time if we don’t employ precautionary measures.
A man of God ones said that prayer is not the success equation of A nation; it is the revelation equation of A nation. Decision making, decisive action and discipline are in the success equation of A nation. We need proper understanding about balancing spirituality and reality.
In measures to curb mishappenings with these tankers/trailers, MOT should be carried out to ascertain road-worthy vehicles. Authorities like LRU, NEMA, FERMA, FRSC should start being accountable for defaulting vehicles other than only going after small vehicles for things like seat belts, driver’s license and indicator lights  (these aren’t bad anyway, please adhere). There could also be an introduction of solo routes for these trucks or trailers.
A man of God ones said that prayer is not the success equation of a nation but the revelation equation of a nation. Decision making, decisive action and discipline are in the success equation of a nation. We need proper understanding about balancing spirituality and reality.
We’ve been electing those who use the senses left in them for personal gains. Nigeria has become a minefield for them and their families.
It’s saddening that Nigeria is one of the faces of Africa and could do a lot in changing some unhealthy perception about Africa instead we wallow in abject mediocrity and gross negligence. A country were thousands of lives have been lost courtesy of Fulani herdsmen but not one have been convicted and you can’t stage a peaceful protest else you’re either shot or tear gassed.
Amidst blaming the government for not taking responsibility, we contribute our quota in ways that are somewhat overlooked. Some Nigerians will say they prefer driving while high  (which means under the influence of most likely alcohol).
I read an eyewitness report that the management of Otedola/Omole Phase 2 estate neglected and locked out people trying to save themselves thereby letting them perish. Like I said, we’re emphatic about the government and forget that we’re no different from them in the least of ways that may seem trivial. I understand their motive of security cautiousness but there could be a better way than not letting people in.
Another eye witness reported that a Danfo driver initiated the misfortune by stopping at an undesignated bus-stop. This is something the government have always kicked against; if we’d be adhering in our dealings in the society, it could be averted.
Another thing is the thought of people capitalizing on this tragedy. I heard boarding a vehicle to that axis of the incident that night shot to N1k from a usual N100 – N150 journey. To think the driver who caused this tragedy would be among this bunch charging this outrageous amount at the time. The depth of some people’s insensitivity is alarming. Another set I hear taking advantage of this tragedy are nurses at hospitals were the victims are undergoing treatment.
This piece is getting lengthy but quick one. We keep our faiths up and hope this is the last of such tragedy but for precautionary measure, when you’re faced with a fire outbreak like that and you’re trapped in your car, please pull out your headrest and smash the window to get out. That’s why the headrest is detachable.
When a tanker crashes and you see fuel spilling everywhere, please kill off all engines instead of reversing. I understand what adrenaline can do but we shouldn’t hesitate to act fast and save ourselves first. We need more precautionary campaign and education on issues like this.
Law enforcement also have a role to play, if tanker operators know they’ll be heavily fined and not operate if their vehicle isn’t in good condition, they’d buckle up. Both commercial and tanker drivers should be queried for their driver’s license, it should become a necessity. The personality, physical and mental state of these tanker/container drivers shouldn’t be overlooked.
No successful team project is executed without teamwork so we need to be actively involved in making Nigeria better.
Corruption has eaten deep even at the lowest levels; Visit universities, spend some months and observe campus politics especially of people at 20-35. SUG Officials, Course Reps etc. The embezzlement and extortion is alarming and these bunch move for a better government from the federal level. We’re deluded hypocrites ignorant of our hypocrisy. I hope this enables us see how much we need to do better because we’re all we got.

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