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THE GLAZE CAMPAIGN of Luxury Menswear designer – Vanskere

SIGNORE FUSION, the diffusion brand of VANSKERE, launches it’s GLAZE CAMPAIGN , an African-inspired street wear collection. The collection aims at removing the stereotypical impression of what an African inspired collection should be, giving it a true representation.
Quoting it’s Creative Director, Evans Akere “most people would want to interpret an African inspired collection with those stereotypical African images and symbols like feathers, African prints, Zebras, Kangaroo etc, which is usually the holistic approach, rather than focusing on a particular ethnicity, tradition and style”
The Glaze Campaign focused on the metropolitan Lagos city for its inspiration, so you’re likely to see in the collection a mix of traditional wear with Western influences.
Designer: Evans Akere
Styling and Direction: Evans Akere/ Emmanuel Arewa
Photography: Spotlight PI
Makeup: Yemisi Dada
Pr : Morsi Pr

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