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Female Footballers in New Zealand to begin earning equal pay with Men

New Zealand has decided on a landmark move in equal pay in the sports world.

According to Punch, the New Zealand Football has announced that professional female footballers will begin to earn the same as men.

Announcing the decision, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Football, Andy Martin, described it as “a landmark moment for football in this country.” He said:

Today’s announcement signifies that we as an organisation are committed to parity for the men’s and women’s game and to continuing the growth in all areas of our sport.

The move will see women earn not just the same salaries as the men who play on the men’s national team, but also equal prize money and rights for image use.

Equal travel benefits was also included in the decision, which will see the women stop flying economy on flights more than 6 hours when representing their country, and begin flying business class like the men.

Photo Credit: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

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