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Fashion Brand Adey Soile presents the Dahomey Amazon Collection

The Dahomey Amazon Collection is inspired by the only documented all-female, official front line combat arms military unit in modern history from an area known as Dahomey in Western Africa. These women, albeit their tough beginnings, were known to be fierce, strong and intense ass kicking women from Republic Du Benin.
The Creative Director of Adey Soile was influenced by these women, and designed a collection – inspired by their qualities. As the Dahomey Amazons represents independence, strength, power, devotion and elegance- these are qualities that define The Adey Soile Woman. Each piece is named after Adey Soile clients because she personifies the Adey Woman – with her strength, confidence and relisience.
Adey Soile latest collection has all the pieces you need to elevate your wardrobe – with the use of different fabrics, colors, textures, styles further emphasizes her need for independence and her wild sense of adventure. This collection caters to the needs of the Power Woman. She is simple yet sophisticated, the strong and edgy and the fashionable and stylish woman who has the confidence of the Dahomey Warrior.

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Creative Direction: The Adey Soile Team
Photography: Tosin Akinyemiju @tosin.akinyemiju
Models: @adun_osilowo @ebony_atinuke_bello
Make Up: Adella adella_makeup
Brand : @AdeySoile

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