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Erica: I Believe You Were ‘Jazzed’ – Vee To Laycon

Laycon while chatting with Vee in the kitchen told her he found Erica’ earings but got a rebuff from Vee. Vee dfeels Laycon ”deserves better”and told him, ”You can’t bring any stupid girl to me and say you like her, God forbid.”

Vee said she believes Erica doesn’t know how to think for herself which makes her weak but Laycon tried to put up a defense saying everybody is ”weak”.

‘You will always make up an excuse for this girl and that is why I believe you were jazzed. You were jazzed. Now you have been vindicated. You have been vindicated. Yes I said it. Thank you lord”

Vee started choking due to the smell from the Onion she was cutting and jokingly blamed Erica for what had happening ” She can hear me” ”Oluwa oo!” Vee said

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