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#BigBrotherNaija: Unveiling the swags of the 12 housemates

On your marks, get set and we are off to determine who the next big name on reality TV is going to be. The excitement in the air was palpable as the 12 housemates for the 2017 Big Brother Naija show made their way through the gangway into the beautifully decorated house, where they will be for the next 11 weeks and the eyes of the world fixed on them for that duration. From the look of things, we are indeed in for a treat because as they say in Nigerian parlance, ‘guys are not smiling’.

Anchored by ex-Big Brother Housemate, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who looked dapper in his black designer suit, the show began with a scintillating performance by K9, who performed the BBN theme song, amidst cheers from the crowd who could not wait to catch a glimpse of the first housemate to walk onto the stage.

At a glance, one can say the organizers of the show had outdone themselves, especially with the aesthetics and décor in the house. Even the production of the opening show was smooth and without the hiccups normally associated with a live show.  As Nigerians watch and anticipate the drama and other exciting moves that are expected from the housemates who will be housed in the same space for the next 78 days under the watchful eyes of live cameras mounted all over the house, they will be expecting the thrills and fun that comes with watching reality shows.

First to walk into the house amidst cheers from the crowd was 29 year old Uriel, an indigene of Imo state and a hair-maker. True to her calling, Uriel was decked in sexy LBD and a sleek hair-piece, which she said was one of hers. For her strategy, Uriel plans to be herself, which includes class and poise. Her reaction when she first entered the house was ‘Oh, My God’ after which she yelled ‘Oh My Word’ and then ‘Oh, My Gosh’, which prompted the live viewing crowd in Lagos to nickname her the ‘Oh, My God’ girl. Uriel didn’t waste time in grabbing a banana, and continued to savouring the beauty of the house.

Closely after Uriel was Kemen, a 27 year old body fitness trainer from Akwa Ibom State. Kemen has the body most guys dream of, prompting the nickname, ‘body of steel’. He was teased by Ebuka to show the ladies some of his chiseled abs, to which he obliged to approving screams from the ladies. Kemen says he preaches fitness and healthy living wherever he goes and the BBNaija house will not be different.

CoCoIce walked onto the show amidst lots of cheering. As a budding rapper who plans to pursue her music career if she wins the show, CoCoIce gave us a sneak peek into her rapping skills by free-styling to the delight of the audience. She also has a charitable spirit as she is involved in a Foundation in Nigeria. Bally came after CoCoIce and the crowd cheered. Not only did he represent Naija with his outfit, he had well groomed beard and looked like he will be a favourite with the ladies. A statistician, Bally quit his job and took a leap of faith to be part of the Big Brother show.

Rivers State-born Marvis can be likened to a tom-boy who enjoys playing basketball.  Born into a polygamous family, the Mass Communication graduate says she is in the game to win it. Decked in a lovely red gown and a fierce hair-do, other housemates should most certainly watch out for this fierce tom-boy.

Gifty calls herself an entertainer with interests in acting and modeling. She has the looks and gait and hopefully it will help to keep her in the house. ThinTallTony on the other hand is a 6ft, 7inch singer and dancer who will certainly put the other male housemates on their toes, particularly with the ladies.

ThinTallTony should best not get comfortable because of the second 6 footer in the house, 24 year old Soma. Soma who has great love for sci-fi and gadgets believes he will bring his A-game into the house.

Bisola is the only mother in the show with a seven-year old daughter and her goal is to bring the prize money back home to her daughter and mum. An actor and media personality, Bisola who dabbed her way onto the stage, assured viewers that she would bring in enough drama for the entertainment of Naija. Miyonse is from Badagry.

Miyonse’s strategy is to get to the heart of his fellow housemates through the stomach. As a chef, his plan is to cook for others so that they will fall in love with him. With his boyish charm and sweet smile, his strategy might just clinch the star prize for him.

Next housemate into the house was TBoss, a boss lady indeed. The Edo state-born lady revealed that she had up to seven tattoos and eight piercings on her body. With a nose ring and a smile, TBoss says she is without a strategy but will make one as things unfold. We hear, you boss-lady.

As they say, the best is always saved for the last, it seems BBNaija did just that as Efe, the confirmed Warri boy was the last housemate to enter the house. Efe’s strategy is simple: enter the house, win the money and go home. According to him, ‘my mama dey house dey look me for TV dey wait make I bring the money’. When asked how he would react if he were to win the money, Efe stripped right there on stage to his boxers and showed he would practically go gaga if declared the winner.

From every indication, the bar has been set very high. Viewers will not be disappointed in this second edition of Big Brother Naija. Already, Big Brother has brought in a few interesting twists and tricky tasks for the housemates to perform even as they are yet to realize that two more housemates are set to join them.

For now, Big Brother Naija is the topic on social media and favourites have already been picked with hash tags such as #TeamEfe, #CocoIcealltheway and #BBSeeGobbe. After a 10-year hiatus, Nigerians expect so much from Big Brother Naija because Nigerians are always setting new standards in entertainment across Africa.

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