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#BBNaija: ‘K.Brule actually poured me pepper and called me a bastard’ -Khloe

Khloe who also denied mocking Alex in the viral video, said she loves to mimic people and always did that while still  in the house.

Just after evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Leo reacted to a video on social media which called him out for reportedly mocking Alex who was crying because he left the house, disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe, has also reacted to the viral video.

According to Khloe who further revealed that the three strikes that led to her disqualification alongside her strategic partner K.Brule was caused by the latter, she loves to mimic people and always did that while still  in the house.

She wrote;

“So I woke up to a video online with a caption from that I was mocking Alex last night.. really, that video was just me demonstrating how Alex was crying and it’s not what you called it. I love to mimic people a lot and I always do in the house. I mean no harm and I wish you all saw the full clips of the video. Alex is forever my baby and there is no bad blood here. Secondly. I was disqualified because of my pair and you guys know about it. In case you guys dint see the full clips too. Kbrule actually poured me pepper and called me a bastard, that’s why I replied like that. Those strikes are not mine. So why always trying to bring me down and call me what I am not? Disqualified cos of my pair strikes doesn’t make me a loser. I didn’t steal, dint kill or violate the rules. I was paired to someone who led us back home. Have a lovely day my lovers”

On how life has been after she got disqualified from the reality show, Khloe wrote;

Gm fam. I’m sure a lot of people knw I had an event yesterday, got home late, my back aches from standing all through talking to customers , taking pictures and interviews. Slept 3am this morning after replying all messages, mails and sorting some designs. Honestly I slept angry after thinking of my struggles just to make ends meet legally. Woke up dis morning by 6am by a call from a friend to remind me of today’s interviews, I was sad and said to myself my mates are bin pampered and got all luxuries from bf’s , sponsors or parent and I am here working my self out to stand tall, I checked my WhatsApp messages and I saw a message from my mum 3:30am that she can’t sleep also after our convo yesterday ( Busayo I can’t sleep, I thought I was strong until I met you.

Watch you fight your battles without disturbing anyone and always willing to fight through all) that brought me to tears and still down cos I feel like I failed her and a lot of people from the recent show. Still soaked in my tears and singing to my Maker, so I was checking my dm’s and comment . Whooooaaa “ Khloe had not only impact in others life’s but also taught them how to overcome their fears and be able to embrace their mistakes and keep pushing .oh my lord .

I am so emotional right now and I have never felt this way before . All I ever wanted to do is to impact , help and make everyone see me and love me for me . Now it’s happening and I am so grateful to God and my family for believing in me despite my issues. God haven’t even started with me yet. I don’t want millions in dollars all I ever wanted is to be comfortable and be able to help others in my little way . The question this morning is “HAVE YOU MET MY GOD”

'K.Brule actually poured me pepper and called me a bastard' -Khloe lailasnews 1

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