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Actress Yemi Komolafe’s Recently Hospitalized

Popular actress, Yemi Komolafe’s daughter, Oluwabunmi Komolafe is seriously ill.

She was diagonized of multi-sinusitis i.e. inflammation of the mucous membrane in one of the hollow areas (sinus) of the skull around the nose.

Presently, part of her nostril is blocked, preventing her from breathing. She only breathes through her mouth. She has been battling this for months and her mother has spent millions of naira on medicine and hospital bills.

The doctor has decided to carry out an operation that will cost N1.5 million but due to previous expenses by the mother, she needs public assistant.

However, research also revealed that some of her colleagues had been cried upon (mostly senior colleagues) but none of them were ready to help. Including those who owe her for services rendered on film productions.

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