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10 African Women Who Will Make You Rethink #BodyGoals

DIASPORA—Curvy models are using Instagram to bring their personal messages of unapologetic body positivity and sexuality to the social media masses. These women represent a different type of bad, boujee, beautiful and sexy.

With curvy models appearing for the first time on covers of many of the world’s biggest fashion and lifestyle publications, you could say these women are leading a revolution in the way women are represented in the media. These beauties speak truth to the adage “thick thighs that save lives,” and effortlessly prove that cellulite exudes being LIT! They do it all through social media too. Below, we present our favorite curvy models from across the African continent.

Latasha Ngwube

Latasha is a Nigerian lifestyle journalist, #Aboutthatcurvylife, dedicated to writing about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and empowering the African curvy community. Keep up with Latasha by watching Hot Topics on her YouTube channel for all the juicy tea. Also make sure to follow her on Instagram now!

“I wanted to write a page dedicated to plus size fashion because it was something that apart from being personal to me, was surprising that we never really ventured towards. I mean, here we were redefining African fashion and we weren’t creating a voice for curvy people on this continent of curvy people?”

Lee Bex

This South African, blogger, photographer and online shop owner, shares messages of self-love and body positivity on her awe-worthy Instagram account. She owns her curves unapologetically, and slays every time. In June, she was nominated for the Glamour South Africa’s Women of the Year award.

“Look: the right people will get it. the right people will see you and appreciate you for the person that you are. The right people won’t require you to dilute, censor, or edit yourself in order to be worthy of their time and affection. You don’t need to waste your time on people who are committed to misunderstanding you, ‬” she wrote in an Instagram post.

I am an extremist…when I love something, I over do it. I could wear nude everyday ✨?

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Moesha Bodeung

Moesha is an aspiring Ghanaian actress and model. She has been breaking the internet with her great sense of style and her sensuous Instagram pics. Check her out here!

“What God knows about me is more important to me than what humans think of me #curvygirls.”

What God knows about me is more mportant to me than what humans think of me #curvygirls #model #pose #beach #gh jollof????

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Grace Msalame

Grace is a Kenyan television personality who has hosted on Kiss TV network. She has also been covered in True Love Magazine. To keep up with this beauty click here.

“Purpose will interrupt, it will shake you until only what is stable will stand & it will get you out of your Comfort Zone,” wrote Msalame in an Instagram post. “For your destiny can only be fulfilled outside it! So JUMP!”

What is in your hand? A question a dear person to me asked me constantly when I made the decision to take the Leap… Like Moses I had a list of excuses but like Moses God used the staff in his hand to free the Israelites from Pharaoh! The staff was all Moses had in his hand! What do you have in your hand? Could be your gift, your talent, or even your pain… We all have something in our hand no matter how little- offer it to God in Faith & watch Him perform wonders right before your eyes. For maybe you were called for such a time as this- Esther 4:14! Surrender & walk in your Purpose & He will place you before kings to fulfill His Purpose. ? @victorpeace Makeup by @nzilanikimani Hair by @pascalhairkenya Wearing @vivoactivewear #SaturdayWorship #HisWillOnly #BeautifulSeason #AllTheGloryBelongsToHim

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Rekik Neway

Rekik or “the dopest Ethiopian,” has become popular in the social media world through her Tumblr page and Instagram pictures showing her proudly repping Ethiopia. Most recently, she has been taking over the YouTube world with her hair and makeup tutorials.

You can’t fake this glow:


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5’9 meets heels

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Yoliswa Mqoco

Yoliswa is that chick! This South African is just unforgettable and just plain savage. Her confidence and comfort in being herself has no words. You can check out this “baddie”  here!

“Beauty means being completely obsessed with myself. Beauty means being accepting and kind to my body and being as a whole,” she told Marie Claire. “Beauty means being able to be as expressive and open as I would like to be with myself and the world. Beauty also means treating everyone else the same way I treat myself in this regard. And, being kind, accepting and welcoming to everyone, however they come.”

Ah. On the receiving end of so much love lately. Especially in person. Thank you guys. ?

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It’s Yoliswa. But ‘Liswa, if ya Nasty.?

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Musemo Handahu

Musemo started her style blog, Curvy Geekery in 2010 but she wanted to take it to the next level and decided to rebrand the site. She changed the name to Lion Hunter which is what Handahu means, and she also added her brother Ten to the site and made it a brother/sister blog take over! Dope right?

“I feel like royalty when I’m in this and there is absolutely NOTHING that anyone can say to make me feel otherwise,” she wrote on her site. “Also, it’s pretty cool that I have something passed down from mama lion hunter that I’ll keep forever!”

// black and gold with a little zebra //

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Lala Tshabalala

Lala is a body activist, a plus size model and the founder of Plus Size is Me! She speaks with passion, grace and all things fierce!  Check her inspiring blog here.

“It’s important and super necessary to reflect. Reflect on it all, good and bad, she wrote in a blog post. “To take the time to look back on: what had you looking in the mirror and crying in that changing room, those times you felt insecure because you looked nothing like ‘her.” That inner voice telling you you’re unworthy. The time he body shamed you during a heated argument, and all the amazing opportunities and people who have come and stayed in your life. Take all this information and use it to become a better person. Use it to decide where to from here.”

? : @international.shots Makeup by @leratosmakeupbox

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Assa Cisse

Assa’s blog, My Curves and Curls, aims to inspire and educate women about loving their bodies, by helping her readers find their own style and most importantly increasing their confidence.

“I am proof that when you set your mind to achieving something you can do it,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “We must always do things that make us happy no matter the odds against us and not what makes everyone love you.”

The last few days have been a little rough. Dealing with a sick child, a crashed computer and unplanned expenses to name a few. Hey ! That still did not stop me from waking up this morning, get my act together and dress up like I am vacationing on a tropical island. All hail to this fabulous linen combo from @penningtons! _______________ Finding stylish clothes that fit me and my personal style has definitely been one of the driving forces behind my self-confidence journey. Wearing what makes you feel good, won’t solve your problems but it’ll certainly boost your confidence. That’s why I fully support the latest #iwontcompromise campaign from @Penningtons .Women should not have to compromise on style or comfort when buying jeans or any other piece of clothing. _______________ Want to join the movement ? Check out the Penningtons Powersongs against prejudice Video (link in bio) to feel empowered and not compromise. #PenningtonsPartner #plussizefashion #plussize #linenpants #vacationmode #canadianmom #canadianblogger #Toronto #Penningtons

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Celeste Ntuli

Known as the “Queen of Zulu Comedy,” Celeste is a comedian from Empangeni, South Africa. She has has been on shows like “So You Think You’re Funny” and “Bitches Be Back.” Her topics range from weight loss and singleness to gender and feminism. She is currently promoting her comedy tour #BlackTaxTour. To keep up with her follow her on Instagram.

“I’ve never been so eager to go back on stage,” said Ntuli in an Instagram post. I’m on a “DIET” but I EAT, SLEEP, THINK COMEDY!!”



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