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Yemi Idowu denies Lagos State Bus Contract Story

Our attention has been drawn to a recent news article that enjoyed wide coverage in the media alleging that my principal,Mr. Yemi Idowu,a real estate investor and entrepreneur is the beneficiary of a Lagos State contract to supply buses.

We would like to use this medium to deny this news article including the information it has presented as untrue and unsubstantiated. Mr. Idowu is in no way involved in the Lagos State bus reform and he has not been invited to participate in the reform.

It is unfortunate that many media sources have drawn resources from this unfounded allegation by which the public is being fed unverified information. A simple confirmation from the correct sources would have confirmed the truth or otherwise of this information.

During this period of unbridled fabrication of fake news, we will appeal and advise any media organisation which has news leads about Mr. Idowu to kindly confirm the facts with us before going to press with the information.

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