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World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua salutes Igho Sanomi on his 42nd birthday

It is often said that he who rides the tides of industry influences the thought of his times. Eventually, he commands the epochs that follow and impresses his name on eternity. Such an individual no doubt sways the applause of listening Senates. If he is cut of the rare stock that Igho Sanomi hails from, he effortlessly attracts the patronage of leaders of men

However, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua joined the Bobby Moore Fund and leaders in business and charity around the world to salute the 42nd Birthday of Igho Charles Sanomi II.

Igho Sanomi, Founder and Chairman of Taleveras, quietly celebrated his 42nd birthday on 17th May. This coincided with the conclusion of the “Touch A Life Today”, GIPLC campaign funded by Sanomi which during a 3-week period reached over 1000 identified vulnerable Nigerians in Abuja, Delta and Benue States, who received financial support to cover their medical bills; and with an exclusive interview with Forbes.

Increasingly recognised for his philanthropy,  Sanomi has also donated substantially to cancer research through the Bobby Moore Fund in the UK to help fund prostate and bowel cancer research; a gesture that earned him the Martin Luther King Legacy Award for Philanthropy and International Service in 2015. Sanomi was also appointed Honorary Chair for the 25th anniversary of the International Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, which took place in Washington, DC in 2016.

Anthony Joshua, the British Nigerian boxing champion, congratulated Sanomi on his birthday saying: “Happy Birthday to a humble Nigerian Brother, always concerned for the less privileged! Well done for all you have been doing over the years to help & sponsor Cancer Research UK, The Bobby Moore Fund & the many medical patients across Nigeria who couldn’t pay their medical bills.”

Stephanie Moore, widow of Sir Bobby Moore and founder of the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research, wrote a personal letter in tribute, she said: “Thank you for your generous support of the Bobby Moore Fund…I am confident that the money raised will make a significant contribution to our pioneering bowel cancer research programme and I am indebted to you for the part you are playing in ensuring this will be a huge success.

“I understand today is also a significant date for you – may I take this chance to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Thank you again, I value your support enormously. One day we will beat bowel cancer. With your help, we can make it sooner.”

Birthday greetings continue to come from around the world from United States Black Caucuses in Congress, members of UK parliament, prominent young entertainers globally, business colleagues, employees and people who have been touched by Sanomi’s generosity and philanthropy.

Taking the opportunity to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, Sanomi said:

“Today marks another year in the life of ICS II – God’s Soldier forever. Thank you all, for your kind wishes and prayers.”

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