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Why We Should Reject Ned Nwoko At The Polls: Azuka Jebose

*My Mission*
It has taken me over two years to bring to our cirles of life the pathetic stories of the people of Onicha Ugbo and Idumuje Ugbo in Aniocha North Local Govt Area of Delta State. One man, a self proclaimed “Billionaire” and a child birthed out of wedlock, Ned Nwoko for nearly two decades continue to use his “financial wealth”, his connections to corrupt Police force and the sick Judiciary, to punish, torture, intimidate, humiliate, imprison innocent men, women, the elderly, of our communities. Our crime? We refuse to seed over 70% of our ancestral lands in our homeland, to his quest for massive land ownership.

My people are not as rich or as connected as Ned Nwoko is. He has and continues to use his financial wealth to arrogantly and bullishly comit heinous crimes against my people, crimes that include alleged murders, surrounds himself with dangerously armed vulnerable hopeless youths who serve as his thugs and touts, hired assassins and terrorists.

Ned Nwoko reigns supreme and unchecked as Delta North native son, as an intimidating Terrorist who uses the corrupt Nigeria police force, judiciary and Security to shut up, lock up those who dared and challenged him. Young men had been detained and they have lost part of their young lives in Prison for frivolous charges, spent years in Isele Ukwu, Asaba, and Abuja prisons, awaiting trials for alleged Terrorism , Murder and other fake charges brought against them because Ned Nwoko wanted to “teach them a lesson”.

Now This:
Ned Nwoko is running running for the Delta North Senatorial Seat under PDP. My mission beginning here and now and for the next months ahead through the election, is to share the sad stories of how Ned Nwoko has destroyed our human lives in Delta North. I shall share babanla evidence. You will watch and hear voices of victims of Ned Nwoko. It is time to bravely and boldly confront our fears. His shameless paid writers will come after me with the same reharshed clichés that I am being paid to tarnish his character and reputation. They will not be able to dispute my credible evidence. Brave people are standing up against injustice. Its up to you to join me. Let Ned come. I dey wait.

Ned Nwoko is a danger to our human society and a present and imminent danger to our existence. I am not afraid of him. He knows that.

He continues to evade court system when he sues people. Example: he sued Sowore and every time the case came up for hearing, Ned is absent with jibiti excuses. What is he afraid of? Why is he afraid of the court and of being cross-examined?

Well, lets begin now. A lot shall unravel in these campaigns to inform you, the Voters, of possible crimes against humanity by candidate Ned Nwoko. The decision to vote for him or against him, is ultimately yours.

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