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Valentine: My Sunshine

By Joshua Olalekan Adeola

Richard reached for the white envelope lying on his desk, knowing what to expect as he opened it, he smiled. This was not new to him for he had been receiving short romantic notes from an anonymous for the past six days, someone who claimed to be his secret admirer.

The notes were written in red letters on white postcards neatly placed in white envelopes.

One read: “The sun shines through your eyes. I’m your secret admirer”

Another read: “More than anything in life, I wish you’d be mine, sunshine”

On this day, it was valentine, and the message was different. “I know you’re dying to know me. Please have dinner with me tonight at Lolla’s diner at 8pm. Please don’t break my heart” the note read.

Richard was truly curious to meet the lady  who had fallen head over heels for him without him even knowing her. ‘This is becoming interesting.’ Richard thought. He picked up his phone and called his wife to inform her that he would be working late at the office that night.

“But we were supposed to go out tonight, it’s valentine.” Sarah, his wife hesitated fruitlessly.

At 7:30pm Richard hurriedly entered his living room and met his wife all dressed up, apparently ready to go out.

“Where are you going all dressed up?” Richard asked.

“Uhm…I…I was going to…come meet you at your office…to give you a romantic night.” Sarah stammered. “But I thought you were working late.” She added.

“Well I changed my mind. We have to go somewhere now. Come with me.” He said.

Sarah tried hard to know where they were heading as Richard drove, but Richard wouldn’t disclose it. He pulled over at the parking of Lolla’s diner and together they went into the restaurant.

It was a picture perfect night at Lolla’s diner as the decor, lighting and sound depicted love in the air.

“What are we doing here?” Sarah asked.

“Honey there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay…I’m here…” she said.

“In the past six days someone has been sending me romantic notes professing how much she loves me and wants to be with me. Today she asked me out on a date, right here at 8pm. I thought you should be here with me. I needed to let whoever it is know that my heart belongs to someone else, it belongs to you.”

With eyes drowned in tears, Sarah held Richard and kissed him with the deepest passion.

“The sun shines through your eyes. I’m your secret admirer.” She said.

Richard gasped. “You got to be kidding me.”

Joshua Olalekan Adeola is a construction cost engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He believes that there is no limit to the imagination of the human mind and that has spurred his love for scriptwriting and flash fiction.

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