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Unity Bank enmeshed in data breach controversy

Unity Bank has been caught up in an alleged breach of a customer’s transaction details to an Egyptian via emails since 2020.

The Egyptian Adam Amin told Premium Times that he has been receiving the said customer’s account transaction alerts in the last three years.

He expressed worry over the safety of the customer whose banking data may have been compromised, adding that he contacted the bank in 2021 and the issue had not been resolved.

“I started pressuring them, then they requested I email them and I did, finally they said the issue has been dealt with and then I am still receiving the statement. I messaged again and they stopped responding. I have unsubscribed and blocked them and these alerts still find their way to my mail,” he said.

Reacting to this, however, the bank said in a statement on Tuesday by its spokesman Matthew Obiazikwor that it was an isolated case.

The statememt read, “Following allegation of disclosure of customer information to a third party by Premium Times, Unity Bank hereby clarifies that the non-customer email account referred to in the report has been addressed since December 2022 upon receiving the complaint.

“The public is hereby advised that while this is a peculiar case, it is important to state that the reported transaction email error did not affect more than one customer.

“The particular incident complained by Adams Amin, who has the email account, has been thoroughly investigated and this was due to erroneous entry of email address which has now been corrected.

“Upon being contacted, Unity Bank instituted an investigation to verify the claims and in the course of the resolution, in the last quarter of 2022, Unity Bank and Adam Amin exchanged a series of emails. On December 14, 2022, Unity Bank informed Adam Amin of the successful deactivation of the email, which led us to fully resolve the email notification error.”

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