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The Outburrsts 2020: A Live Worship Experience Like Never Before

These have certainly been challenging times of late, but there is nothing quite like the power of Worship to bring a sense of the power of God into our lives!  The Outburrsts is God’s given “go-ahead” to lead men into worshiping Him for the sustainability of lives and His continuous graciousness.

Worship is a lifestyle, it’s a heart full of the love of God into the revelation and the manifestation of Christ in a spirit-charged atmosphere; as we tend to lead the churched and unchurched into this sweet serenity.

The double R stands for Revelation and Revival. Revival is God dwelling with man. It is therefore impossible for us to dwell with Him without being lost in worship. The greatest mission of this movement, is to build a strong intimacy between God and man and making man to understand the relationship language between himself and God. Hence, Worship is an adoration that rises in the humble spirit of a grateful man who is in awe of who God is, that man should give Him more music; put more coals and more sweet frankincense into the censer of his worship.

To get directions, call us: +2348027966974, +2349078633389 or Follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @outburrsts

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