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Stamp Of His Honour: Dapo Abiodun Becomes CAC Chairman

Genius is of no country. But it is surely of a descent of men who reach such an acute unlimited excellence in their prime, that every sterling exploit afterward, savours of unprecedented brilliance. Few men are wrought of such transcendent capacity for genius as Prince Dapo Abiodun, the Chairman of Heyden Group.

The oil magnate pulsates exceptional intellect and that singular forthrightness that imbues philosophy with logic and sound theory. Like a lightning shaft from Eden, Dapo dazzled a large audience and commanded applause at his inauguration as the new Chairman of Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, in Abuja last Thursday.

The event offered a great platform for the oil magnate to espouse his gift of gumption and unparalleled intellect in an electrifying speech. By the time he was done with his presentation, Dapo had everyone eating out from his hand.

Yes, Dapo Abiodun is now the Chairman of Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC. And its often said, rare feats happen on the watch of rare men; therefore, things will never be the same in CAC, under the supervision of Abiodun. Dapo flaunts an acumen that is both inspiring and graceful.

Beneath its luxuriant folds however, lies a smoldering fire potent enough to consume commerce’s most daunting odds. In many ways, he epitomizes the nature of positive revolt: always at odd with the present, forever evolving.

With his quiet will and calm stare, the man to whom success subsists in doing things the way they have never been done before is going to do wonders in CAC, no doubt. He does not come with baggage of old or new scandal, neither is he the harbinger of renewed hand-wringing and grime that characterise decay in business ethics, he comes with solutions – dependable solutions to be precise— fairer terms, tighter regulation, progressive business and industry blueprints

Interestingly, however, like an ancient mariner whose heartbeat dwarfs echoes of his incredible exploits, Prince Abiodun, commands the awe of many of his peers and admirers in Nigeria’s socio-political and business sector. There is no gainsaying the world of business is like a dangerous coast riddled with storms. But despite its turbulent tides, the head honcho of Heyden Group, like a sea-hardened sailor navigates through the gales armed with a strong resolve and unyielding spirit. Today, that relentless spirit of Dapo has paid off.

It has guided him through the bittersweet, cut-throat world of global commerce till he emerged unscathed and undaunted in spirit and resolve, like a champion. DA, as he is fondly called, offers revealing and undeniably delightful anecdotes of the influences that impacted on the child that he was and the man that he has become.

Last Thursday, Dapo and some other newly appointed chairpersons and board members of parastatals were inaugurated in Abuja.

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