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Six Federal Government College students suspended for engaging in sex romp

Six students of the Federal Government College, Ijanikin have been suspended for allegedly engaging in sexual activities in a nearby hotel.

Principal of the school, Tofunmi Akamo, disclose this to The PUNCH on Wednesday.

Mrs Akamo said the students were picked up from the hotel by the school authority.

Contrary to earlier reports, the principal said the incident happened only once.

“I was called from the school that they did a roll call on Sunday and some students were discovered not to be in the hostel.

“So, that Monday morning, they called their parents to confirm if they were at home and the parents said they were not at home. The parents came to the school; we were all searching and investigating what could have happened.

“One of the parents of those girls told us that the girls went to the hotel, jumping the fence on Sunday. We went to the hotel to evacuate them. They were five that were evacuated; two boys and three girls.

“When they came to the school, we asked them to write reports; it was through the report that we even discovered that there was another girl who left on Monday to come back to school, while others still remained in the hotel.

“We made them write their reports and they faced a disciplinary committee, which gave a verdict on what to be done to them according to the guidelines given to us from the ministry.

“The children are currently on indefinite suspension; that is the guideline recommended for them. We normally involve their parents and hand such letters and their children to them. The girls and the boys are no longer in the dormitories. That is the only incident that happened and it happened two or three weeks before we vacated this last term,” the principal said.

Akamo added that allegations that the students used drugs as unfounded.

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