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How Sad! Mother-of-two blinded after being shot in the face during the Las Vegas massacre is finally reunited with her children after returning home

A mother-of-two blinded in the Las Vegas massacre has returned home to her children a week after the horror shooting.

Chelsea Romo, 28, was shot in the face at the Route 91 Harvest festival when a gunman opened fire from his Mandalay Bay hotel room last Sunday.

Doctors were unable to save her left eye due to the metal shrapnel that had become lodged inside.

She now needs a cornea transplant to save her right eye but she will remain classed as legally blind.

After a week in intensive care in a Vegas hospital, Romo was reunited with her two young children on Saturday when she returned home to Los Angeles.

Friends and family lined her street as she was driven to her home.

Friends and families awaiting her arrival

Romo was among the crowd of concert-goers when the gunman opened fire. She could be heard screaming that she couldn’t see immediately after she was shot and told friends she felt her eyes get pierced by metal in the chaos.

Her friend Kelsi Kessler had been shot in her upper arm but managed to help carry Romo over a fence to get help from paramedics.

While Romo now faces a lengthy recovery, her family say she remains upbeat.

‘Her spirits are just amazing. We go to see her in the hospital and she’s cracking jokes. She’s so upbeat, she’s uplifting the people in there,’ her father Dave Ferm told WHO13.


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