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The NEXT conference is set to shake up Lagos to its foundations as seasoned men of God including Dr Kayode Ijisesan, Pst Poju Oyemade, Dr Tony Rapu, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Tobi Adegboyega, Pastor Shola Okodugha and others get ready to impact young individuals in the areas of Ministry, Business, Career amongst others.
Set to equip a generation of young believers, especially those who sense a call to Ministry and Leadership, to lead the National transformation agenda within and outside the church, this year’s edition is themed ”The Builders” (Isaiah 61:4). We are all a part of this movement of builders, there is an idea, a business, an empire, a technology, a thing you are building which would add up to the puzzle for a world class economy in a number of years called NIGERIA.
First world countries have grown their economies with manpower and ideas which stemmed from renowned business owners, ideologists and tech gurus that have not only made their economy leading examples but also world class. Nigeria, with her teeming and blossoming youth population is in the best decade to utilize her human resources to drive the change that it needs. As a church called to Leadership, The New Church is excited to bring you a life-transforming event called ‘The Next Conference’.

A generation is rising out from Africa, a people who would change the narratives and in a number of years build Nigeria into a world class economy.

Mark your calendar!
Time: 8am
Date: 28th March 2020
Venue: Grandeur Event Centre Oregun Lagos Nigeria
For more information; visit:
Instagram: @wearethenew_ or @thenextconference_

Get ready to be transformed!

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