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Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s son’s wife hails him for parenting alone so she can hangout

Jimmy Odukoya, the first son of late Fountain of Life Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, who got married to his heartthrob Kemi Sade Banjoko in 2013, seems to be at the top of his game as a great father and his wife can’t stop gushing about him.

Kemi took to Instagram to hail her husband, who parented solo so she could hangout during the weekend with a friend. She wrote;

Shoutout to my hubs who parented solo this weekend so I could have a girls trip with a friend. I felt guilty about leaving them but he said, ‘Go, you need it’. When I got this picture on Saturday whilst out for dinner, it warmed my heart!
I salute all men who understand that parenting isn’t solely a woman’s responsibility and that fatherhood is so much more than paying school fees #mcm#ManCrushEveryday#WellMostDays

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya's son's wife hails him for parenting alone so she can hangout lailasnews 1

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s son, Jimmy who told his love story in 2013 before walking down the aisle with Kemi, said;

“I went to the same secondary school with Kemi’s cousin and she came for her cousin’s introduction. I hadn’t seen her cousin for a while so we agreed to hook up and catch up at Ooh la la in GRA Ikeja. I got out of my car and she got out of hers and I was like, ‘who’s that?’ My friend said that’s my cousin. This was in 2011. We started chatting and she said she has been single for four years and hasn’t found what she’s looking for. We exchanged numbers and started talking.”

“She’s very beautiful inside and outside. She’s adventurous, daring and outgoing. Her willingness to learn and her love for God endeared me. The women I dated in the past, I tell them: ‘Listen, I am a pastor. There are certain things you can’t wear, certain places you can’t go, certain things you can’t say. It’s never easy dating a pastor, especially where they are watching you to see how they can disqualify you. So when we talked about it and she said she is taking it seriously and putting all effort to make it work. I decided then to marry her. I proposed to her in March 2012. She surpasses the list of women I have seen. She doesn’t hold on to things. If she’s wrong, she’s quick to apologize. I love her heart for people. With her, you’re not worried about infidelity, she’s not that kind of a person. I’m really lucky!”

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