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Painted by Cocoa – Lagos photoshoot!

Who is PaintedbyCocoa?

Painted by Cocoa also known as ‘Cocoa Richie’ is a professional MUA currently based in London (UK). She earned her qualification as a certified MUA at The London School of Makeup. Cocoa found her passion for makeup as a result of an unfortunate event which involved her receiving 3rd degree burns to the face. Due to the severity of the incident she turned to makeup as a cover up for her scars, makeup gave her the leeway to paint her interpretation of beauty. She is now living in her dream to fulfil her passion and love for makeup by becoming the next top makeup artist that shows diversity, sophistication and class in their work.


Shoot Objective:  The aim of the Lagos stories campaign was simply to showcase and promote PBC’s makeup skills within three contrasting locations in Nigeria Lagos.

Purpose of Shoot

The purpose of the ‘LAGOS STORIES’ shoot was simply for promotional advantages. The aim of the shoot was to expose PBC’s signature and style so that it may be easily recognised within the saturated makeup industry. The shoot aimed to showcase cocoa’s perception of Lagos and its culture. The choice of location, fashion and hair styling used within each scene, aimed to resonate and bring viewers back to what real, authentic African beauty is.

Pre-visualisation Of Location shoot

The ‘LAGOS STORIES’ shoot was shot at the following locations; Lekki market, Eleko beach and Ocean Basket VI.  Each location was carefully considered and selected to benefit the overall outcome of the makeup on each models. The below outlines this point in greater detail.

Market (Lekki Market)

The market location was chosen simply because the market is an important place that highlights culture, hustle and poverty. The market is typically known to be busy, noisy, vibrant and colourful. The message this scene aimed to convey simply was that despite how much is going on within the scene, the makeup deployed on the model’s face breaks through the noise and automatically catch a viewer’s attention. Finally this location allowed me to be daring and creative with the makeup look.

Bar/ lounge (Ocean Basket VI)

A bar/lounge location was chosen because it highlighted a trait Lagos city is known for being; lively, vibrant and cosmopolitan. I was focussing on more of a relaxed yet social environment which allowed me to take advantage of using vibrant yet subtle makeup colours to complete each look on the models. The message this scene aimed to parade is that I am able to create a simple but yet elegant look for a social events.

Beach (Proposed Beach Eleko beach)

Eleko beach was chosen as a representation of naturalism, the scenery displayed an uncontrolled beauty of the motherland. I aimed to showcase this on my models, I focused more on subtle natural colour tones and aimed to follow the ‘less is more’ makeup theory. The message this scene aimed to cover was that I am proficient in creating natural illusive looks.

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