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Ojota Protest: Lauretta Onochie Won’t Join Protest Against Fuel Price Increase

The recent increase in the price of fuel to N151.56 per litre by the federal government has been generating reactions among Nigerians who have planned to stage a protest tomorrow at the Ojota to drive home their demands.

One inquisitive Nigerian who want to know if aide to president Buhari on social media, Lauretta Onochie will join them in protest tomorrow just as she did when the APC and some Nigerians protested fuel price increase during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, got this reaction from her:

“No I will not be Joining you and for good reasons too. Not sure you can understand but I’ll try

If the subsidy was removed in 2012, the savings would have gone into private pockets Looted

Today, Nigerians have a President they trust. The recovered subsidy, would serve Nigerians”
Some Nigerians on social media have been trending various hashtags in preparation for a protest march since the current increase in the price of fuel was announced. A protest march at Ojota has been planned for tomorrow.

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