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Nancy Abu-Bonsrah: First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident at John Hopkins

Nana Abu-Bonsrah makes history as the first black neurosurgeon resident in John Hopkins.

The prestigious program is ranked second in the United States and one of its notable alumni is Dr. Ben Carson.

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah takes to Facebook to express her excitement:

“What a way to begin the Sabbath! I still haven’t processed it yet but this is such an honor and privilege to join the department at Hopkins to begin this next phase of my career. I’m so fortunate to have the continued support of my husband, family, friends and mentors. Kwabena and I are excited for what’s ahead! #match2017 #glorytoGod #wemadeit #sevenmoreyears #Neurosurgery #firstfemaleAAatHopkins”

Congratulations Nancy!

Photo Credit: Facebook – Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

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