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Leke Adeboye, Pastor Adeboye’s son reacts to Prophet El-Buba’s arrest

Leke Adeboye in his post, asked how many herdsmen have been arrested over the attack in Benue and Taraba states.

Leke Adeboye, Pastor Adeboye’s son and P.A to his father, has also joined those condemning the arrest of Prophet Isa El-Buba. Leke in his Facebook post asked how many herdsmen have been arrested lately over the attack in Benue and Taraba states.

Report had it earlier today that operatives of the DSS were reportedly sent to arrest Prophet Isa El-Buba, the General Overseer of the Evangelical Bible Outreach International (EBOMI) Ministries, at his home yesterday by 7pm, over his recent condemnation of Fulani herdsmen attack and blaming President Buhari for being irresponsible and wicked.

Here’s what Leke Adeboye wrote;

I just woke up, upset this morning. I don’t know why. Wait I actually do. Maybe it’s because DSS is trying to arrest Prophet El Buba in JOS. Why? For his strong vidoes, please how many herds men have you arrested lately? What are we doing here? We will be watching and waiting.

Leke Adeboye, Pastor Adeboye's son reacts to Prophet El-Buba's arrest lailasnews 1


Prophet El-Buba in the viral video, said President Buhari is a wicked leader, who condoned the slaughter of Benue residents and couldn’t make any arrest. He also urged his congregants to get their voter’s card to get President Buhari off his seat. He further revealed that the killing going on in Nigeria, shows the irresponsibility of President Buhari and the church will fight him to a standstill. He further asked villages to defend themselves against herdsmen, since they can’t be defended by security agents.

In the video too, Prophet El-Buba said any President who doesn’t believe in restructuring, should be sent packing.. While he prayed for his congregants at the end of the sermon, he invoked the blood of killed innocent civilians to swallow the wicked in Nigeria.

Recall also in November 2017, Prophet Isa El-Buba slammed President Muhammadu Buhari for negating the path of God and allowing corruption and injustice to thrive in his cabinet.

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