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The Supreme Court of Nigeria did what many had thought was an impossible thing just yesterday, when in a unanimous decision made by the 7 justices of the apex Nigerian court, it removed the sitting Governor of Imo State of Nigeria in the person of Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha and advised immediately that another, in the person of Senator Hope Uzodinma be installed as the rightful Governor of the state.

Though the decision of the court was met with utter shock, lot of surprise & disbelief, that decision has come to stay though and there’s nothing anyone can do about it again. So it’s the next day already and gradually calm would begin to set in as a new order has been ordered and soon, the new Governor, a certified billionaire on all accounts said to be a businessman, would soon come to power. And on his arm and by his side, would be none other than his young, very stylish and gorgeous wife, “Chioma Ikeaka Uzodinma” who would most probably be the youngest first lady ever in the history of Nigeria at just 30 years old.

The incoming First lady, yet to become her excellency is a Barrister at law, who graduated from the Imo State University, with a BL in Law, providence worked for her that when she went to law school in Abuja, the FCT then more than half a decade ago, a good friend of hers who was then amorously close to the then Senator, introduced the two of them to each other and one thing led to another and love swept both the Senator and Chioma off their feet. The lady friend, [Amara Anosike], who is now late was said to have been aghast as her friend, who she introduced to her then boyfriend Senator Hope, Senator Hope and Chioma had found love behind her back, dating her boyfriend that she introduced to her. She was said to have died then not too long after as she was vomiting blood. But Hope & Chioma’s love has just continued to blossom and bloom ever since.

Chioma who is from Ideato in Imo State, married the distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma at age 25, in 2015, making her 30 years old now on 2020. She had her first child a baby boy in 2016 in America who is now going to 4 years old and then another boy, she also recently put to bed in Canada a set of twin girls. So between the husband and wife they have 4 kids.

Chioma is the Senator’s 2nd but only wife presently. He used to be married to Mrs. Augusta Uzodinma, who has 5 kids (a set of twin) for him, all of them older than his 2nd wife Chioma. Who they all adore to high heavens. One or two of the daughters went to Babcock University then.

A major fiasco had happened then, when Hope was to have wedded Chioma, as the ceremony had to be called off at 1st, due to the objection raised then by the 1st wife, Mrs. Augusta Uzodinma. She had claimed then, that she was still legally married to her husband according to the constitution of the catholic church and via the court also and that they hadn’t gotten divorced as at the time he wanted to marry another wife, something that would have been bigamy by tenets of the Catholic church and the court, the wife had claimed then that, he pushed her out of his house unjustly and without a cause in 1996, asking her to go back to her parents then without any explanations and that he took their children away from her and she doesn’t see them.

Though Senator Hope later refuted her claims, he then claimed that as that 2015/2016 that he had been divorced from his then wife-Mrs Augusta Uzodinma for 17 good years. Which gave him the opportunity to go remarry again. The secret traditional wedding/engagement that followed, to the then Miss Chioma Ikeaka, held on January 3, 2015 in Owerri, Imo State and then a white wedding later held a year after, in 2016 to be more precise. It was in that 2016 that she gave birth to their 1st son together.

Senator Hope Uzodinma would be taking over the administration of a state that has been sapped so terribly, in fact so much for more than 16 years. And just when the state was just coming to grips and things were been put in order gradually by the resourceful team of Emeka Ihedioha, the short-lived administration, who in the short space of time that they were on board governed without making unnecessary noise was said to have done so much, to endear themself to the populace was removed abruptly. Now that Ihedioha has been removed and a billionaire, in the person of the former Senator is taking over, it would be another restart all over again. And without even spending a day yet on the seat, Senator Hope Uzodinma already has a battle at hand to contend with.

The state house of assembly that he is to work with, does not have one single member of his party there. Every member of that assembly are made up of members of the opposition parties, with the PDP, whose member had just been removed leading the numbers. PDP-13, AA-8, APGA-6 & none at all for the APC.

So we are expecting fireworks or one of 2 things, either that there would be mass defection to the ruling APC due to inducement or that in a short period of time, a fiasco of unprecedented proportion would have occurred and there could be impeachment proceedings against him to remove him at all cost. In all of what would happen though, either for or against him, embarrassing amount of money would most likely exchange hands and the honorable members of the house in Imo would be the happy ones for it.

That aside, let’s make welcome, ‘Lady Chioma Ikeaka Uzodinma’, in coming 1st Lady of Imo State, who at 30 would officially become from the day her husband is sworn in, the “YOUNGEST FIRST LADY OF ANY STATE IN NIGERIA”.



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