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Late this evening, Nigerian bloggers disturbed social media with a planted negative narrative about Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie, the Chief executive of one of Nigeria’s Premiere petroleum Companies, RAIN OIL. The story maliciously stated that Dr. Ogbechie had been arrested and in Nigerian Police custody for allegedly plotting to assassinate a certain Ned Nwoko. A few hours ago, I reached out to Dr. Ogbechie and below are his narratives with regards to the allegations of arrest and detention. You will read herein that for the first time, Ned Nwoko wrote a petition and signed a document without using his regular proxies. Abeg make I nor distract una, Read Dr. Ogbechie’s narrative of his visit to the police, the reasons he visited and the outcome. Stay with Me!

“ Yesterday, I got a call from a Police Officer who stated during the call that there was a petition from Ned Nwoko wherein my name was severally mentioned. He said he was calling from Abuja and that he wanted to come to see me.

I told the officer that I just arrived in Abuja, thus, since I was in Abuja, I would come to see him today. He agreed to meet. I also found out which Police Command he called from the FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY POLICE COMMAND, Abuja. This morning I reached out to the Commissioner of Police and fixed an appointment to see him.

I met him at about 2 pm today and the police handed to me the petition written and signed by Ned Nwoko himself!

*In the petition, Ned Nwoko alleged the following:*

1) He is from Idumuje Ugboko and he was allocated land to build a University. Nonso Nwoko does not recognize his ownership of the land.

2) Some people were arrested from Ugboko on account of the fracas in Ugboko and the people are in Kuje prison

3) That while in Kuje prison, one of the prisoners overheard the Ugboko people saying they shall kill Ned Nwoko.

4) That another prisoner who heard them then contacted Regina Daniels, Ned Nwoko’s wife. And Regina then told Ned of the plot to kill him.

5) That the person overheard them saying they were sponsored by an Oil Magnate. Ned Nwoko then concluded that the only Oil Magnate he knew was me, Chief Gabriel Ogbechie who owns petrol stations.

6) That Gabriel Ogbechie is a supporter of Nonso Nwoko

These are essentially the meats of his petition

I promptly told them I neither know the people nor do I understand what they are talking about. And that was the end of it.

I have since returned to my house. I am fine and doing great.
Before I got to my house, I saw a Whatsapp message already circulating that I was arrested.

Apparently, the moment I showed up to honor the invite they went to town with their nonsense to tarnish my reputation”

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