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Father ‘Murdered Son Out Of Spite Towards Ex’

Lukasz Czapla, a father has murdered his two-year-old son by shooting him with a BB gun, stabbing him with a skewer, and smothering him with a pillow out of spite towards his ex-partner.

Reports has it that a prosecutor has told a court how Czapla’s fury towards his former girlfriend Patrycja Szczesniak was what motivated him to kill their son Julius at his home address in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, in November 2020.

Although the 41-year-old who is on trial was accused of murdering the toddler and has previously offered to plead guilty to culpable homicide, this has been rejected by the Crown.

The Prosecutor, Alan Cameron told a 15-strong jury at a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh said the accused was “motivated with anger towards Patrycja when he killed his son.”

About the details of how Julius was killed, and a conversation between Czapla and his friend Wojciech Marchlewski where the accused said he would ‘kill’ or ‘smash’ his son, Cameron said to the jury: “You should be in no doubt to convict him of the crime of murder based on that evidence.”

The Prosecutor further re-read a transcript from a phone call between the accused and Marchlewski which took place several weeks after the alleged murder.

The comments read, “I started talking to myself that she was so f****** annoying… for f***’s sake I am so f****** pissed off… the way she ignore.”

The final message to his ex before he killed their son included, “You’re raising him with another guy, soon enough I’ll have to pay alimony.”

Evidence has shown the accused had consumed alcohol and taken anti-depressant medication the night he killed his son.

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