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Fashion Meets Philanthropy: Renowned Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Brand Influencer Chioma Ikokwu Unveils Inspiring Charitable Initiatives

Renowned Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Chioma Ikokwu has proven that she is so much more than a fashion enthusiast and internet sensation! 

The 34 year old entrepreneur has successfully launched a new business called Chioma’s Closet. This new initiative aims to provide more support for the less privileged as 50% of the proceeds goes to her nonprofit organization, The Good Way Foundation.

On Family: Chioma Ikokwu is the last child of a closely-knit and supportive family. Chioma values her family and attributes her success in life and career to her upbringing and the love she has received from her family.


Chioma on Career: Chioma stumbled into entrepreneurship during her university days as a law student at the University of Birmingham, UK. She needed to get good quality human hair wigs at an affordable price but it was very difficult to find in salons so she decided to source for hair suppliers. After discovering human hair suppliers in India, she saw a business opportunity and decided to start Good Hair Limited with her friend, Kika Osunde as her business partner. With the support of both her parents, Chioma and Kika were able to launch the business and made their first million within the first month.

Despite growing a thriving business, Chioma made sure to complete her law degree in the UK and earned a degree in Law, as well as an LLM in Environmental Law and Commercial Arbitration. Afterwards, she was called to the Nigerian Bar Association.

After Chioma moved to Nigeria, she saw an opportunity to establish another store in Lagos, Nigeria so she opened The Good Hair Limited salon in Lagos, Nigeria. A few years later, she launched a restaurant, Brass & Copper and, a lifestyle brand called The Good Hair Space. 


Chioma on philanthropy: Asides entrepreneurship, Chioma has a philanthropic spirit to express active efforts to help others. She soon launched The Good Way Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the less privileged and providing them access to quality healthcare and other basic amenities such as food and water.

The Good Way Foundation which has been in existence since 2018 is a medium through which Chioma Ikokwu is able to show compassion and provide support for women and the less privileged in the society. Having launched 7 initiatives with the most recent being a breast and cervical cancer awareness outreach in Abidek Community, Ikotun Nigeria where medical examination and medications were provided as well as food items for the members of the community. The Good Way Foundation is also committed to providing further medical assistance and care to those Chioma Ikokwu has been able to empower over 3,700 people through the self-funded nonprofit organization. 


Chioma Ikokwu’s good deeds are not limited to the foundation alone. Earlier this year, one of the bartenders at her business, Brass & Copper had a ghastly car accident that resulted in an amputated arm. Chioma took it upon herself to support the young man with a prosthetic arm. This priceless moment was captured during an episode of the Real Housewives of Lagos. A reality TV show which Chioma stars in. Although an unplanned scene, this kind deed by Chioma Ikokwu has shown the world that she is more than the fashion enthusiast, reality TV star and entrepreneur people know her to be. 


On Chioma’s Closet: In the quest to give the less privileged access to quality healthcare and basic amenities, Chioma Ikokwu launched a new business called Chioma’s Closet. Chioma’s Closet is a business borne out of her love for fashion and her passion for philanthropy. Chioma Ikokwu took the initiative to sell some of her pre-loved luxury items to raise money to fund her nonprofit, The Good Way Foundation as it has been self-funded since its inception. 


When Chioma Ikokwu launched Chioma’s Closet earlier this year, 50% of the proceeds from the sale was used to donate a borehole tank for the Abidek Community, Ikotun, Lagos state. To continue to support the less privileged and empower more women, another event will take place in the latter part of this year to fund yet another brilliant initiative

In collaboration with notable Nigerian fashion brands, the upcoming event will be used to promote inclusivity as the models will represent Nigerian women in diverse sizes, skin colors and those with physical disabilities. This event is scheduled to take place at RJ4, Victoria Island Lagos. The exact date and time of the event will be announced in the coming weeks. 


What’s next? 

Being a lawyer, Chioma Ikokwu is constantly advocating for a better society. 

Chioma has a new project focused on human and sex trafficking. She considers this project very dear to her heart. According to a report by Pathfinders Justice Initiative, a NAPTIP statistics from 2019-2022 shows that 61% of human trafficking in Nigeria happens internally, while 39% is generated from cross-border trafficking. Human trafficking is the third most common crime in Nigeria after drug trafficking and economic fraud.

Being a Barrister, Chioma Ikokwu has always been passionate about young women that have fallen victim to human and sex trafficking. Through her new investigative documentary series, Chioma will be delving deep into the heart of this socio-economic problem to uncover some truths about human and sex trafficking in Nigeria.


Chioma Ikokwu is a self-motivated young African woman who is passionate about empowerment, creativity and giving back to the community to create a positive impact in the society. 

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