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Empress Njamah seeks financial support for Ada Ameh’s mother

Actress Empress Njamah has called on the public to donate funds for the mother of the late actress Ada Ameh.

The actress made the appeal in an Instagram post on Saturday, adding that she cannot take care of the woman by herself.

According to Empress, Ada’s mother was her priority before her shocking death and the responsibility of taken care of the aged woman has fallen on her.

She wrote: “For the love of Ada Ameh.Together we can do this for her mum, I can’t do this without you all, God bless you).She left an amazing mother behind, her mother was her priority, I can’t do this alone without you guys…. Please join me let’s do this for our beloved Ada Ameh, it’s now my priority”.

Ada Ameh died on Sunday, July 17, two years after the death of her daughter Aladi.

Before her death, the 48-year-old battled with mental health. She revealed she had been dealing with mental illness following the death of her daughter and six siblings.

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