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Did she just beat cancer?

She is my friend O. Tall and beautiful with three supremely beautiful children who will always sha welcome you with a smile.

I have eaten the freshest bananas in her house and gists there is usually something else. Whenever we end up there, the crowd will break into very strong pidgin that you will not know who is Yoruba, igbo or ibibio.

While the talk is going on, I will be eating her banana and epa and just be hoping that the gist will continue to distract them until I finish the whole bunch after which I will stand up and go to the toilet and dump.

So that is how one day I got a call from a mutual friend-your friend has just been diagnosed with Colon cancer and I say which friend O, i hope it’s not who we have as a mutual friend? She said she is the one. Kai, the first thing that came to my mind were the Bananas. Ohh my God. I shd have rushed the last bunch last time I went there O.

I said, pls calm down. I’m coming tomorow. So I went and there she was looking all glamed up with no Banana in sight. Kai, it’s true O I said to myself, these pple did not drop Banana

She hadn’t gone to the toilet for days. It was unlike her so she was a little bit worried and went straight to the Hospital to ask for a laxative.

Like joke the doctor asked when last she had a colonostropy- I no fit spell am and like joke, she said oya make we do am.

The result hit her like a stone. She had colon cancer and must go into treatment immediately.. My people from a happy go lucky beautiful lass to not shitting for days to colon cancer?

It hit her like a bomb and she thought about her kids. Her beautiful kids and her life rushed past her. But she would be strong for herself and her kids. She would fight it and stay positive

When she finished talking, my main concern were the Bananas, during the chemo, how would it look if I asked for Bananas, that was my issue at that point.

I stood up and hugged her and she looked at me with those beautiful bubble eyes and said, ‘Duke I go beat this thing, I swear and I said I trust u.

Then she started the chemo and I ran away. I no get mind like her. Infact, the fear wey catch me no let me shit for three days. I swear to u, see strong woman dey fight cancer, me I dey here dey look for shit to shit out of fear.

So I made it a point to avoid her. Fear did not let me reach out as often as I should. Each time, I think of her, I won’t shit for three days cos na d shit wey she no shit start all of these things.

Then I will beef up courage and call and she will be in such a good mood that I will be inspired to shit. Edgar we dey the matter. I don go hospital today and everything is OK, she would say.

I have told my kids and they are strong. We are praying and everything will be OK. I will join her in prayers marvelling at her strength

Today on my way to Ibadan, she called. I cdnt pick cos of network and I also saw her friends missed calls. I thought they now had fresh bananas to offer me and made it a point to call as soon as I got network

She is cancer free was the first words from our mutual friend. I said what do u mean? And she repeated, she is cancer free.. All the tests have come out negative.

I fell on the floor in the first class cabin of the train and said thank God nd the other passengers looked at me with smiles cos they heard me shout Cancer? She is free?

I will go hug her tomorrow and hope she would have bought the bananas cos there should be no excuse but then again, I’ll hug her and join her in thanks to God for this miracle

God is great

By Duke of Shomolu

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