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Crazy Thoughts In The Rain


by Joseph Edgar


You know my life is that of  continuous madness. I am expected to be calm and composed considering the fact that I am supposed to be an Investment Banker. But the madness that brims within me sometimes takes the best of me. It pushes me and erupts in a resending fire of madness that makes me just feel like tearing up my shirts and scream like my colleague in madness, kemi Olunloyo. But unlike Kemi, I would not take upon a young and innocent child who has done no wrong but to come to this world with some of the loveliest cheeks I have ever seen.


My darling Kemi fresh from her wonderful stay in Prison where she was feted by Lesbians have come out to look for trouble, taking on Seyi Laws beautiful daughter. This is nothing but cowardice for you to want to start bullying such an innocent baby. But if she doesn’t she will not be Kemi so make I leave am.

My only plea to Seyi and him family, na to ask say, if you see mad person dey run naked for street with cutlass, you go wait to reason with am? you no go carry your pikin run commot for road. Abeg.

As I have promised to write a daily dozier of my life, giving commentaries on the softer side of life and hoping to catch your attention, I also begin to wonder if the kind of madness wey dey Kemi head never dey my head. Why I go decided to bare my all in public on a daily basis. Me wey no get pubic hair, go come stand for market square dey shout simply because I feel like. Well that is what comes with the eccentricity that I was born with.

By the way, I got a very good commentary from no other than the venerable Senator Ita Giwa. She had read my Thisday Column where I had stood firmly in support of her against the Pharisee and scribes that have been disturbing her recently. She sent a well worded appreciation, citing that ‘Nigerians loved me’. I come dey wonder if na the women folk or na all Nigerians na him love me. Anyways, I was very happy and touched by her feedback. Na these kind things make life a little bit worthwhile.

For those of you who do not know me, I produced Isale Eko last May. It was a wonderfully made theatre production with some of the most iconic scenes in Nigerian theatre. It was seen by over 4,000 people and we are taking it to the UK. But as the rain hit my roof and I lay in my bed, with all sort of randy thoughts coming in and out of my smallish but very good looking head, my long suffering Director William Benson comes with a brilliant idea, why not tell the story of Bakassi in music and drama.

This grabs my imagination. The Efik people possess some of the most beautiful women in Africa. There ladies come at you with the sensuousness of Eve and can make any man eat the forbidden fruit three hundred times with no regret. Putting the wily dance steps, the colourful costumes, the song and dance routine, the Efik culinary miracle out on the porch for all to savour and most importantly finally giving me an opportunity to Produce a Kate Henshaw led extravaganza is too much to resist.

William, oya work don start.

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