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Computer Village Traders Protest Planned Installation of “Iyaloja” & “Babaloja”

Traders in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos are protesting the planned installation of male and female market leaders – “Babaloja” and “Iyaloja” respectively in the tech hub.

One ICT engineer Wasiu Agbaje said: “What do the Iyaoloja and Babaloja have to offer, what value are they going to add to the hub? And what technological innovations are they bringing? The computer village is not like any other street market where pepper and other things are sold. It is an international technology hub and it should be treated as such.”

A businessman who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the hub should be treated like an international market which it is, adding that installation of market leaders will contradict what the hub is known for.

Joseph Efosa, a software developer said the development will disturb the 25 years of peaceful existence of Computer Village.


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