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New media and marketing communication company, Emblue has announced the launch of its franchised artificial intelligence marketing software Christopher A.I in Nigeria. The announcement was made at the Beat FM’s Conference held at Social Media Week Lagos on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

Unveiled by marketing entrepreneur and CEO of Emblue, Kelvin Orifa alongside the founder and CEO of Christopher Africa, Commodore Tokologo Phelta, Christopher is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that offers deep marketing and research services on social media.

Christopher is a sophisticated real-time data profiling platform with the ability to profile target audiences into various segments by enriching the data and analysing the information.

According to Tokologo Phetla, founder and Managing Director of Christopher Africa, “Christopher A.I offers brands the opportunity to tap into consumer micro-moments and conversations on social media, using Artificial Intelligence to deliver mass personalization in real-time”.

“Christopher can be used as a Lead Generation tool, Consumer Insights tool, Real-time Consumer Engagement tool, Reach tool among others enabling brands/organizations to serve accurate, hyper-personalized ads/messages to relevant consumers when it is relevant to them by engaging in relevant conversations in real-time on social media platform,” he added.

The software is regarded as ‘ground-breaking’ by marketing professionals across the world with over 100 world-class brands already using the service.

The emergence of Christopher in the media and advertising space will enable brands in Nigeria to improve real-time customer targeting on social media with relevant brand messages reduce advertising cost, minimize digital media waste and boost sales.

With millions of users on social media, it is inevitable that your current and potential customers are amongst this group. Digital marketing with its limitation of targeting users based on interests and demographics cannot deliver this much-desired reach but we can leverage Christopher A.I”s cutting-edge technology to achieve this reach and give businesses the much-needed exposure on these social media platforms,” CEO Emblue Nigeria, Kelvin Orifa stated.

We are excited that the future that we are waiting for to leverage technology to substantially change both marketing strategies and customer behaviours is here”, Kelvin added.

Christopher A.I performs social listening across the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn platforms and uses the insights to engage in relevant consumer conversations or serve advertising in various formats including images, GIFs, videos etc.

Christopher Africa (Pty) Ltd is the proprietary owner of an artificial intelligence software with established operations in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana and Kenya. Founded by Commodore Tokologo Phetla, Christopher Africa is a successful Artificial Intelligence business in South Africa, which is gradually leading in media and advertising, through the commercialization of the unique artificial intelligence software, called ‘Christopher’.

A purpose-built agency at the nib of mobile technology, marketing, music business and new media communications, Emblue Nigeria is run by Kelvin Orifa. He is a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 10 years of global brand-building experience.

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