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Bashorun of Lagos Sikiru Alabi-Macfoy emerges new Baba Adinni

Bashorun of Lagos and executive vice chairman of Lagos Central Mosque Sikiru Alabi-Macfoy has emerged as the 14th Baba Adinni of the mosque.

Alabi-Macfoy was elected on Wednesday at the Lagos Central Mosque, Idumota.

He had 22 votes while the other candidate Jelili Animashaun had eight.

One of the executive council members of the mosque, Fatai Dawodu, chaired the 30-man screening and election committee.

The Bashorun of Lagos replaces Sheikh AbdulHafeez Abou who died on January 9 aged 101.

Speaking with The Nation, a member of the executive council, Abdullah Oyekan, who was part of the screening and election committee, said: “The new Baba Adinni is a very familiar figure; he’s been associated with the central mosque for about 45 years. In the last few years, he was deputy to the former Baba Adinni. They worked very closely and when old age caught up with the late Baba Adinni, he (Alabi-Macfoy) was more or less designated to play the role as we gave him the title of the vice chairman of the council, a title of convenience, there is no sub-position in the constitution.

“All the antecedents so far raised our expectations that with his appointment as the Baba Adinni, we should be able to achieve more and he has a lot of goodwill with people around him. I’m very hopeful and prayerful and that he would exceed our expectations.”

Also, Alabi-Macfoy hailed the committee for a good job and thanked Allah for his emergence.

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