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Baba-Ahmed threatened judiciary, Soyinka insists

Renowned playwright and novelist Prof Wole Soyinka has said he stands on his previous comments that the vice-presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 25 poll Datti Baba-Ahmed made fascistic statements during a recent interview.

Baba-Ahmed’s interview on Channels TV has raised dusts, forcing the National Broadcasting Commission to fine the broadcaster N5 million for comments deemed to have violated the broadcasting code.

Soyinka in an interview with Channels TV and via a Tuesday statement chided Baba-Ahmed for his comments.

Following backlash from members of the Obidient movement, the nobel laureate insisted on Wednesday during an appearance on Arise News that Baba-Ahmed’s remarks were inciting.

He said, “I never heard anyone threaten the judiciary the way I heard Dattti speaking. Blackmailing attitude. Do or die provocation is not what we are struggling for.”

The 88-year-old added, “Datti kept saying the Supreme Court better give his interpretation. This is trying to dictate to the supreme arbiter of the nation.

“I mean, it is an institution we all revert to, if not today, then tomorrow. If not this election, then the next election. But Datti kept saying ‘No, the Supreme Court in its wisdom, has to agree with me’. That is what is known as fascistic language; it is not acceptable.”

Soyinka continued: “His comments were unbecoming, a threat to the judiciary. It is a fascist language which alienates the people. It is unacceptable and I refuse to be a part of it.”

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