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Aisha Yesufu tackles Kemi Olunloyo over ‘focus on family’ post

Co-founder of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement Aisha Yesufu has knocked the self-styled investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo over the latter’s statement that she should avoid controversial remarks and focus on herself and family.

Mrs Yesufu wrote on Saturday on X that Nigeria has no president. Her post drew the ire of many social media users.

“Nigeria does not have a President. That’s the grim reality,” she wrote.

Ms Olunloyo was part of those who reacted to her statement. The daughter of former Oyo State governor Victor Olunloyo claimed Yesufu’s post was being discussed at the Department of State Services (DSS).

“We actually have one. Aisha leave Nigeria if you don’t like it anymore. They are discussing your tweets at the DSS now. Don’t incite people. Focus on yourself and family. Don’t be a ‘political prisoner,’” she wrote.

Responding on Sunday, Yesufu told Olunloyo to inform her contacts at DSS that she is not afraid of them.

“Kemi @Kemiolunloyo it’s been a long time you brought your nonsense to my TL. Welcome back. Please tell your so called DSS contacts that they can’t do anything that kidnappers and terrorists are not already doing,” she wrote.

“Arrest me? I won’t need to pay ransom. Kill me? I was born to die. Leave Nigeria?! The illegitimate President who forged his certificate and found to be part of drug dealing is the one that needs to leave Nigeria.

“Very pathetic mindset you displayed telling me to face my family. Why don’t you take that advice and face yours? By the way my family is not made of cowards.”

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