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African Artists bond together to battle COVID-19 through project #COVEND

#COVEND is an international digitalized event to fight COVID-19. The purpose of its operation is to; raise funds to help everyone who suffers the consequences of this sanitary WAR, donation of materials to Medical professionals and hospitals as well as giving out relief funds and hand sanitizers to communities.

Covend is an initiative of Arts and Health set up by the Royal African Arts (RAA)- an international organization which seeks to provide immense space for the reconstruction of African Arts as an embodiment of the richness of Africa and its historical configurations which are reflected in multiple trajectories of aesthetic personification, creative erudition, intellectual sophistication, thematic functionalism, commercial values, and spiritual representation. Royal Africa Art is a part of the Royal African Corporation of the His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Ooni of Ife,Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojala II which is currently headed by a 26 year old Medical Doctor and Visual Artist, Dr. Gbadamosi Adefemi popularly known as Foladavid as the Chief Executive Officer who is passionate about using art as a means to address health issues, alleviate poverty and end world sickness through proper community sensitization and education.

The entire world has been held captive by this global pandemic with the number of newly diagnosed cases and death toll rising exponentially daily. Medical Professionals have been the central secondary target due to their high level of exposure to affected victims in a bid to discharge their patriotic duties, with over 10,000 health workers testing positive for the novel corona virus in Italy, extending to other parts of the world including Africa. Majority of the cases has been associated with lack of high quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our dear Africa continent has not been spared as the health care system cannot provide Medical Professionals with proper high quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to operate at the frontlines, thereby causing loss of these patriotic souls to the cold hands of the rampaging virus, which necessitated clarion call for support as regards provision of these materials so that they can be motivated and safe enough to stay in the battle for us.

The impact of this rampaging virus cannot be overemphasized at individual and household level as lockdown has had families in a state of economic dilemma as they cannot go out to work and fend for their daily bread causing starvation and nutritional deprivation. This has extended to local firms, national and international levels as productivity has drastically reduced thereby affecting trade, economic growth and development at large.

In the spirit of communalism and joint ownership to save our dear planet Earth from the monstrous virus which has laid siege on every sector of economic development, we believe strongly that humanity can win this battle if we come together as one, playing our unique roles as individuals, households and communities, extending beyond national boundaries and standing in unity, pulling resources together as an formidable force. This is why #COVEND was conceived.

COVEND has been able to pull together African talents in the spirit of brotherhood, dexterous hands who are Artists of diverse cultural backgrounds including; visual artists, photographers, Sculptors and designers coming together to create artworks in its finest forms  with the theme

A temporary e-shop  has been created where they will be able to present their participation which is created with the theme “solidarity” or any previous works they deem fit and sell it to the whole world on A2 limited edition prints ($200each) that will be printed and delivered to prospective buyers.

The e-shop will run for 2 weeks starting from April 10th – April 24th 2020.
Artists will share the benefits of each sale from designs with the association for the cause (50% for the donations and 42% for creatives) and 8% to manage everything else (shop / online transaction / printing / donations / management / customers / Social networks/ Press / contracts). #COVEND already has about 60 registered African artist for almost 2M IG fan base followers!

It is set to be the largest interactive online Exhibition in Africa ever curated!
After this pandemic, all artworks will be delivered to all buyers, signed by the Artists with certificates of authenticity.
50% of all sales will be used to secure personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals in hospitals across Africa with Covend Managers across countries in Africa already on ground for mobilization.

The Royal Africa Arts is set to ensure sustainability of the team at addressing other various socio-cultural, health and economic issues affecting humanity and open to more collaborations and partnerships even after the eradication of the rampaging virus in a bid to ensure that the world is preserved, habitable for human existence and to ensure the well being of its inhabitants via artwork initiatives.

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