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Ladies!! Experts in Health Advices Not To Use Vinegar In The ‘V’ Part

Using apple cider vinegar to ‘freshen up’… down …there. Doctors explain why this trend is super dangerous and why you should avoid it at all cost !

From squiggly eyebrows to nose hair extensions, 2017 has been wild in terms of new beauty trends. Now, people are using apple cider vinegar as a way to tighten the vagina. Say what?! Dr. Prudence Hall, a gynecologist and integrated medicine specialist says, “Some women dilute water with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to rebalance the vaginal flora. Using 100% vinegar dries out the tissue. We want a healthy vaginal flora — it might feel tighter, but it can burn the tissue and cause infections.

Also, leaving vinegar in contact with the vaginal tissue for a long period of time is not a good idea.” Read Dr. Hall’s new book Radiant Again & Forever explains more about women’s hormones, how you can control your weight and tips for sleeping better.

Other health practitioners agrees that it is another dangerous trend in women’s genital health that is not backed by science. Women should not place apple cider vinegar in their vaginas. It will disrupt the natural vaginal biome and potentially increase the risk of  infection.” There you have it. It’s not worth it, ladies!

The vagina is in a delicate balance and maintains this balance the vast majority of the time all on its own. Vaginal pH is normally 3.8-4.5, which is acidic. Cider vinegar contains acetic acid, with is caustic to mucosal tissue. Our delicate vagina can easily be burned by it. While this painful burn may temporarily yield tightness, it is not the type of tightness women are looking for. Why risk it when a simple pain-free 25 minute in-office procedure [called Viveve] can offer women tighter vaginas, more sensation and more orgasms that last for a year, and without the risk of burning?”

Ladies Take Note.!!

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